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Fraser, R. A. (2005)

Fraser, R.A. (2005)

I will customize services to meet your deadlines and requirements.


  • Teach/Facilitate/Consult: Adult Educators, Graduate Students, Academic Faculty
  • Mentor/Coach: Elementary, High School, College, University Learners
  • Design and Develop: Academic Curricula (Program Development, Course Outlines)
  • Map: Competencies, Learning Outcomes, Evidence-based learning, Evaluation
  • Design and Deliver: Faculty Assessment and Support Process
  • Support/Lead: Administrative functions and Accreditation processes
  • Write/Edit/Proofread: Academic Dissertations and Business documentation
  • Mediate: Private support sessions for academic faculty and business workers
  • Conduct: Academic and Professional Courses, Customized Training Workshops
  • Speak: Guest Lecturer, Keynote Speaker, and International Conference Presenter
  • Research: Thesis Development, Education, Narrative Inquiry, Reflective Practice, Workplace Learning

Education, Business and Research Services

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